Spring 2016

Tour Bursary

for the travelling cyclist

As the depths of winter loomed back in November, we launched our Spring 2016 Cycle Tour Bursary project. The aim? To inspire and enable cyclists to dream-up awesome touring plans and pedal off on their own journeys in the Pannier spirit of adventure


On offer were two travel bursaries: £250 + Touring Kit from the Pannier Shop (courtesy of our sponsors) to the travelling cyclists that submitted the most interesting proposals for unsupported cycle tours during the Spring 2016 touring season. One bursary was available for the UK & Ireland, and one for the Rest of Europe.

Thanks so much to everyone who registered and submitted an application; the engagement was fantastic. To hear more about the Pannier Bursary, including news about our future Bursary opportunites, make sure to sign-up in the email form at the foot of the page...


Here are our two successful proposals for Spring 2016, from Georgia Cottle (UK & Ireland) and Eloise Adler (Rest of Europe). You can read more about their touring plans on the Pannier Journal:

Pannier Spring Bursary 2016 - Lost Ruins of the Wild West Coast

1 | UK & Ireland



Georgia Cottle


Pannier Spring Tour 2016 Bursary - Mapping Pomerania

2 | Rest of Europe



Eloise Adler




You can read more about their touring plans on the Pannier Journal...

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Touring Conditions

1. The Pannier Bursaries are open to everyone: individuals and small groups alike, of all touring experiences.
2. Tours need to be undertaken during the UK & European Spring touring season: 20 March - 21 June 2016.
3. Tours must be undertaken with the Pannier spirit of adventure - i.e. travelling unsupported.
4. Tours must be complete and between 4 and 21 days in length - i.e. not part of longer journeys. Why? To encourage accessible tours - closer to home, more often.
5. Applicants must be 18 years of age, or older.
6. The Pannier Team will choose two stand-out applications and award the bursaries to the "tourers" at the end of January 2016.
7. The Pannier Team's decision is final.
8. Tourers will need to agree to producing a piece on their journey for the Pannier Journal.
9. Tourers will be responsible for all their own travel arrangements and insurance.